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"I have been running a craft workshop on my own account since 2006. Earlier I worked with my father who continues the family tradition after his father Joseph Traczyk.  My company is located in Rabka-Zdrój, in a family house at Podhalańska Street 14. In this place, the whole big family has been working on the craft for seventy years.  The wheels turns, so do people and clients.   The assortment in the workshop is changing but the passion remains, so do the love for machines, working with people and contact with you. Without a client the whole adventure wouldn’t be possible. Currently, I produce felt bags, backpacks and many other things.

I can create individual felt project to order and I can decorate it with embroidery or some filigree, handmade decorations or by laser plotter. I offer products connected with the Podhale region or with many other places where my goods appear. I fulfill orders for advertising agencies or many big clients form Poland and Europe i.e. AGH Kraków, Agricultural Market Agency, Polish Olympic Committee, International Poznan Trade Fair, Delta Light, Blachotrapez."

I encourage you to contact and cooperation.

"It started with this machine"