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Do you make shopper bags?

Yes, we make felt tote bags. They are then embroidered with one of over a hundred ready designs. We can also prepare the design of your own individual order. We offer over forty different shapes and models, some of which were created in that exact way of business partnership cooperation.

What are other felt offerings of your own?

Over the last few years of work with felt we’ve managed to create a wide range of products, which are bagpacks, bumbags, pedants, bands, kidneys.

What other kinds of adornments do you offer, apart from the embroidery?

Our workshop is equipped with a laser plotter, which can be used to cutting or engraving felt. It is used to making personalized patterns our clients order. We are self-sufficient. Although we are a small business, we create the goods from beginning to end starting with a project and ending with a ready produc

Are the backpacks only good looking, or will they last?

We use a top quality felt in our bags and backpacks. The embroidery is a lasting decoration and the backpacks themselves useful on daily basis. They can be used for example for your shopping and they can carry up to 4 kg. Many of our wholesale clients sell them in holiday resorts as they are a very practical souvenir which can be used instantly after the purchase to pack all the other souvenirs that are bought.

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